Pro-Ject Connect Interconnect Cables

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  • 2x RCA phono plugs +
  • 1x 5-pole standard tonearm socket
  • Option.90º angled 5-pol. standard tonearm socket

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Can you connect a bass amp to a power amp ?

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Best Way To Connect System

Hi All, I'm putting together my home office / listening room sound system. This system will only be used for listening to music. Would greatly appreciate your input on the best way to connect these componets up to get the best sound possible. Here is what I have: * 2012 iMac * Onkyo 7.1 HT Syst ... Read More »

Can I connect a vintage 70s Integrated Amp to new Polk PSW10 subwoofer?

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LaCinema Mini HD Connect

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When I Connect My BD Player I get a Double Image? Why?

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