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DH Labs designed the Sub-Sonic ll specifically for powered subwoofers. Optimized for low frequency signals, the Sub-Sonic II is an excellent choice when connecting the LFE output of receivers to powered subwoofers. This cable is heavily shielded to provide immunity from hum and noise.

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subsonic tones

i now have a luxman pd282 tt with a ortofon om5e cartridge on it, when i play a record and turn the volume up (halfway up) my woofers start to move when there's no bass at all, i think i once read something about it on the forum but that thread is gone. Are these subsonic tones that we can't hear bu ... Read More »

Cartridges with brush good for subsonic problem?

I have a little bit of an issue with speakers. My old Energy 22's are very sensitive to subsonic frequencies. From what I read it was a design tradeoff they made to get the impressively (for a 7 inch) deep bass that these speakers have. Anyhow, on my Ariston, I get a lot of pumping of the woofers. ... Read More »

Building a huge subsonic subwoofer

I've been thinking about this for a while and I have wondered if anybody has thought of this. What if you have two subwoofers... The first subwoofer could be a quality subwoofer from a good company that provides accurate and musical sound. The second subwoofer would just be a huge homemade box ... Read More »

PSB subsonic 5i any good?

Hi, i am newbie and want to buy my first AV system. I wonder if sub PSB subsonic 5i is any good? i'm searching in review of this site and found that even the review is quite good but last review is 2 years old (2003) and the review is for subsonic 5. It's price here about $250 (other sub can beat it ... Read More »

Any opinions on PSB Subsonic 6?

I want to add a sub to my B&W 600 setup:- DM 603 S3, LCR60 S3, DM601 S3. My listening room is open to dinning room, overall it measures about 25' x 21' with 8' ceiling. I got a good deal on PSB Subsonic 6 (not 6i). It is a ported design with 12 in driver, although its RMS power of 130 W seems a ... Read More »

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