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Aiwa CS-DA110 Boombox
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Description: Now you can take your music anywhere with this Aiwa CD/Radio Boombox. It features an analog tuner so you can listen to your favorite radio stations. This boombox from Aiwa is perfect for the college dorm room garage kid s room or anywhere in the house! The low price might suggest a sub-standard product with no features but think again - this boombox is packed with great features you re going to love! First it has a single-CD player that plays back not only normal music CDs but also your own custom-made CD-R and CD-RW discs! It also features two 15-watt front-firing bass-reflex speakers. It comes with Q Sound, a sophisticated signal processing circuit that makes the stereo soundstage more expansive and lifelike. And it allows for CD-R/RW playback. An LCD display shows the CD Track number. Power standby function conserves battery power. A big handle lets you take this baby with you wherever you go - comfortably. It can be powered by 8 C batteries (not included) or an included AC power cord.


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