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JBL Venue Voice
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Description: Incorporating proven JBL technologies, such as PolyPlas-cone woofers, Voice is the perfect center channel to complete a Venue Series home-theater sound system. Shielded components allow safe placement near video monitors. The FreeFlow flared port increases bass response without adding unwanted port noise. JBL's custom-designed drivers allow the use of simple, Straight-Line Signal Path (SSP) crossover networks with high-quality electrical components that minimize processing that could degrade the signal. The Venue Series Voice center channel loudspeaker with its high-impact molded enclosure which blends in with modern televisions, reproduces dialogue and sound effects with unmatched clarity and power. Crossover Frequency - 3500Hz High-Frequency Driver - 3/4 inch (19mm) Titanium-laminate dome, shielded with EOS waveguide Low-Frequency Driver - Dual 5 inch (130mm) PolyPlas cones Dimensions - Height 6 1/2 x Width 20 1/4 x Depth 9 5/8 inches (165mm x 514mm x 244mm) Weight - 9.6 pounds (4.4 kg) <br> <br>


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