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Product Image
Axiom Speaker Company M22 v3
0 Reviews
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MSRP  518.00
Description: The M22 is a bookshelf loudspeaker for audiophiles, enabling mid to high powered amps to deliver studio-monitor performance to a medium-sized room, and at a moderate price. Yet, the dual 5.25" aluminum woofers in this Vortex/Reflex enclosure can take a whopping 200 watts! It's compact enough to fit on a shelf, but you may prefer to pair the M22 with our specially-designed FMS16 stand or brackets. Features an anti-standing-wave shaped cabinet. Measures 19.8" high x 7.3" wide x 8" deep. Beautifully finished in Black Oak or Boston Cherry, or over 100 custom finishes available in Axiom's Customize Yours store.


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