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Product Image
unknown iPod Video Pink (60 GB, MAC/PC - 852748001326) MP3 Player
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MSRP  350.00
Description: The Apple iPod with Video MP3 Player makes the most popular digital music player even more desirable. A large capacity drive, long battery life, and compact design are all built into this stylish Black iPod that plays both music and video. Packed with features like a calendar and contact display, audiobook playback, photo slide-show playback, video podcasts and games, the iPod is a personal media player and personal organizer all in one. Download music videos and your favorite television shows from the iTunes store and watch them wherever and whenever you want. The improved 2.5" LCD Screen is brighter for an even sharper picture. The classic iPod Click Wheel and familiar interface make the new iPod the perfect combination of new features and proven design for anyone who likes to carry their entertainment with them.


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