ClearAudio Statement TurnTables

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  • Patented magnetic driven sub platter
  • Additional magnetic vertical platter bearing
  • Kardan turntable chassis suspension
  • Ergonomic fine speed adjustment

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The Official statement from King Abdulaziz Public Library About the Winners of The Cu

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As promised, my impressions of the Clearaudio Statement

While its true there are guys who use their audio systems as jewelry and status systems, I have always approached the high end as simply a shining example of what [i]can[/i] be done. Despite the fact that some gear falls into the incredibly impractical and "if-you-have-to-ask-the-price-you-can't-aff ... Read More »

ANTHEM Statement D2 ARC vs TACT tcs

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Is This Statement Correct?????

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Anthem Statement D2?

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