Audio Note IQ3 Cartridges

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Made from titanium tube rather than aluminium, the cantilever is unique, and in combination with the AN Type 2 diamond, offers a level of performance that was often though impossible to achieve with a Moving Magnet design.

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AE Aelite 2 vs. Kef iQ3

hello friends, I've been disconected from the forum for a while, and am hoping you can help me once again. I've racked up a bit of money and would like some advice. The Aelite two's are half price now, but I can't audition them:( .. My budget is about 220£, about 420 usd. I've heard the kef's and l ... Read More »

Kef IQ3 Vs. B&W CM1

hi now using for stereo KEf IQ3 which won lasts years Best LoudSpeaker Eisa Award but wanna upgrade B&W CM1 this years Best LoudSpeaker so is it wise decision to make this upgrade?is it worth?Read More »

kef iq3 or B&W dm303?

Which one is better for music only (2 speaker configurationin the living room)?Read More »

Kef IQ3

tell your thoughts about this Eisa Award Winner Speaker tried?listened?or already have ?Read More »

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MS 1400W: