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Product Image
PS Audio GCC-250 Amplifier
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  2299.00
Description: <LI>250 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (10-20,000 Hz) <LI>500 watts x 2 into 4 ohms (10-20,000 Hz) <LI>frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz (+0.1/-0.2dB) <LI>input sensitivity: 8.5V <LI>input impedance: 47.5k ohms <LI>THD: < 0.02% at 1 watt | < 0.08% at 250 watts <LI>Gain Cell technology <LI>balanced design <LI>polarity control <LI>programmable gain level settings and naming for each input <LI>home theater bypass lets you connect a surround processor and use it to control volume for your left and right front speakers <LI>display panel dimmer <LI>remote control <LI>weight: 27.5 lbs.


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