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Product Image
HeadRoom Desktop Stereo Amp 120v
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  899.00
Description: A fifty watt listening-room dream on your desk. <br /> <br /> The universe of ethernet-transmitted, reference-quality sound is now available and abundantly clear in the near-field of your desktop once you harness the finesse & horsepower of the HeadRoom Desktop Power Amp and a pair of world-class mini-monitors. Rather than roast in the radiated heat of a traditional power amp of this caliber, the extraordinary efficiency of Class-D amplification lets the HeadRoom Desktop Power Amp delivers cool, natural, and amazingly adroit amplification for your favorite pair of high-end mini-monitors right on your desktop. Yup, an amp small enough to fit in a nook on your desk and still have plenty of room for keyboard, mouse, multiple mounds of paper, and a coffee cup. Sorry, you won’t be able to keep your coffee warm on it.


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