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Product Image
Harman Kardon PA 4000
0 Reviews
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MSRP  643.00
Description: This remarkably flexible power amplifier combines four bridgeable 45-watt amplifier pairs with two separate inputs to allow simultaneous home theater and multizone use. Bridge two amplifier pairs and use them for the rear surround channels of a 7.1 surround system, while a second input from a multizone system feeds two separate rooms with 2 x 45 watts of high-current, wide-bandwidth power. Music Sense turn-on or a low-voltage trigger may be used for automatic operation, and independent volume controls allow you to set a different level at each speaker location. Pair the PA 4000 with Harman Kardon's KP 1 keypad for complete power on/off and volume control from a remote room, and add an optional IR sensor so that the PA 4000 can serve as the audio amplification and multizone hub of your home's complete audio/video system.


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