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Crowson Technology A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier
0 Reviews
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MSRP  800.00
Description: The A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier is designed to perfectly complement Crowson TES-100 Linear Actuators. The A300 Motion Amplifier is built to reference-grade specifications. Integrated pre-amplifier features and convenient remote control offer a custom-tailored experience. <br> <br>With ample power for up to four (4) TES-100 Linear Actuators, the A300 Amplifier is a beautifully crafted, high-end audio component. <br> <br>Features: <br> <br> * Drives up to four TES-100 Linear Actuators with two channels of pristine power <br> * Control-system compatible <br> * Included remote control and rear-mounted IR Input <br> * Bass management, filter and gain control for limitless personalization <br> * From extreme to subtle, delivers effortless, seamless motion <br> <br>Specifications: <br> <br> * Two channels 150W each RMS (6 ohm) <br> * Rack mountable with optional ears <br> * Variable Low Pass Filter (20-600Hz) <br> * Three inputs (Left, Right, LFE) <br> * Signal sense auto on/off <br> * Ultra quiet variable speed fan <br> * Size 2U (17" x 3.5" x 14") or (19" x 3.5" x 14" with optional Rackmount Adapters)


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