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Product Image
B&K Components  Reference 200.5 5-Channel Amplifier
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MSRP  2024.99
Description: Designed for the ultimate home theater and\/or multi-room applications, the Reference 200.5 offers five channels of 200 watts each. Its pure B \& K heritage makes it the ideal choice for audiophiles who want a home theater system, but demand the same level of audio reproduction that they have come to expect from B \& K. The quality of the center and discrete rear channels deliver the same high performance as the left and right front channels, presenting an awesome three dimensional sound stage for incredible sounding home theater systems. Each of the seven inputs has its own level control allowing the 200.5 to be used in a wide variety of home theater and\/or multi-room system residential and commercial applications. With the greater demands of Dolby Digital® and DTS® sound processing, 375watts @ 4ohms and 75 amps of peak current per channel are available to drive virtually any loudspeaker system to its best level of performance. So whether you\'re into Smashing Pumpkins, Aliens, or Beethoven, the B \& K Reference 200.5 will \"Simply Sound Better !!\".


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