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Product Image
Adcom GFA-7700
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  1999.00
Description: Five-channel home theater power amplifier <LI>Custom, oversize toroidal transformer with multiple secondary windings <LI>Independent power supplies for each channel <LI>120,000 uF supply-filter capacitance for maximum reserve capacity <LI>Simple circuit design with few gain stages for signal purity <LI>Massive heat sink for cool operation <LI>Cooling vents for greater efficiency and cooler operation while driving low impedance loads <LI>12 VDC trigger for remote turn on, <LI>Gold-plated RCA input connections <LI>High quality, gold-plated five-way binding posts <LI>Heavy-duty steel chassis and extruded aluminum face plate <LI>Black powder coated finish


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