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help:Dynaudio Audience 60 vs kef reference model one‏

i'm looking to buy on of theses sets used. i have read all the reviews and they seem equal. i'm looking for a great sounding speaker that has bright highs and good amount of bass. i'll be running these through a denon 2809. i want to buy asap so any feed back would be great/ thanksRead More »

Question about Tivoli Audio Kloss Model One Radio

I understand that the earlier Model Ones, which don't have an AUX setting on the front, have a purely monaural tuner. The later ones, which have an AUX setting, have the same stereo tuner that is in other Tivoli models, even though you only hear mono when you use it as a standalone table radio, as o ... Read More »

Silver oak model one loudspeakers by Cary

Hello to everyone , i just bought a pair of sylver oak model one speakers by cary and i would like if any one have any comments or reviews for that speakers ,to inform me . ThanksRead More »

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio/CD 740 vs Tivoli model One/Bose

Any warnings or compliments about these so revered little machines? Is it hype or is this it? :confused:Read More »

Can one Yamaha receiver remote work with another model?

Long story short - I have an HTR-5590 and several keys on the remote do not work well anymore...a replacement costs $150 but my friend back east recently got a 5890 but has a universal remote and therefore has no need for the 5890 remote...can they work interchangeably or is there a way to make it w ... Read More »


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