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Audio Research LS26, Bel Canto PRe3 and McIntosh C220 Preamplifiers Reviewed

We will not be talking about the ability of these popular preamplifiers to transport you to musical bliss or to bring musicians into your listening room. This survey is not about the musical performances of these components and how the bass, midrange, treble, or soundstage is more or less like the “ ...    Read More »

Emotiva UMC-1 7.1 Channel Pre-Processor Video Review

Can you get a $2000 processor for just $700? Emotiva is betting you can. It's new UMC-1 7.1 processor combines some of the more advanced A/V processing you'll find into a package that is hard to beat. Let's start with the hardware. The UMC-1 utilizes Emotiva's signature aluminum faceplate design and ...    Read More »

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Preamplifiers with XLR outputs?

I'm looking for AV Preamps that provide XLR (or balanced) outputs. So far, I've found: B&K Reference 50 Sunfire Grand Theater IV Anthem AVM Violet Audio ADP61 Any others that you know of? Thanks!Read More »

Juicy Music Preamplifiers

Mark Deneen who is known for his engineering work for Paragon in the 70's is designing and building again after 25 years. His company, Juicy Music can be found on the web at [url]www.juicymusicaudio.com[/url] .... so far he has designed and built two preamplifiers which are both killer pieces of tub ... Read More »

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