Red Rose Music Model 5 Integrated Amplifiers

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45W per channel Class A driver stages, True Class AB1 on the output stage

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Forté Model 5 on the way

Acting on suggestions for a more "musical" amp than my Class D Audio SDS-258, I "won" a Forté Model 5 on eBay. The Forté was the very low end of recommendations but about all I was willing to pay at this time. The Forté 5 and SDS-258 should be a very [I]yin-yang[/I] comparison, but we'll see. [AT ... Read More »

Forte model 3 vs Jeff Rowland model 5

I have a Forte model 3 amp that I like very much but I was thinking of trying a Jeff Rowland amp with my Newform Research R630 speakers. They are both said to be very musical and have a nice midrange. Does anyone know what the high frequencies are like for the JR? I've read that they are rolled o ... Read More »

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