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Product Image
Velodyne Acoustics SC-1250
0 Reviews
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MSRP  999.00
Description: SubContractor Series is a complete line of powerful, easy-to-install subwoofers designed to meet any custom installation need, whether it's in-room, in-wall, in-floor, or in-ceiling. At the heart of the SC Series is the 1250-watt SC1250 rack-mountable amplifier with a built-in 7-band automatic room-EQ. The SC1250 uses Velodyne's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) Class D switching amplifier. <ul> <li>1250W RMS/3000W Peak Power</li> <li>Powers Two SC Series Subs</li> <li>Built-In 7-Band EQ</li> <li>12V-Trigger</li> <li>RS-232 Control Port</li> </ul>


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