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The American Audio VLP300 delivers powerful performance with unmatched economy. Pumping out 150W RMS per channel at 4 ohms, 100W RMS per channel at 8 ohms, and 300W RMS mono at 8 ohms, the VLP300 cranks out big wattage for the dollar.

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Best ~$2000 Amplifier - ATI, ParaSound, Emotiva, Outlaw, Theta

My 15 yrs old Kenwood VR-4090 receiver died recently & now I've an opportunity to upgrade my setup. I usually watch movies (80%) & listen to music/tapes (20%) since I've several old tracks. I'm planning to use the Oppo BDP-105 as Pre/Pro in 5.1 setup. I read tonnes & tonnes of reviews & forums and ... Read More »

Pre-amplifier Outlaw 990 or Anthem Avm30

Thanks, please if an expert on advising me concerning the following question with two pre amps. , I have a Outlaw 990 preamp and I are changing for Anthen AVM30, I know that Anthen benefit me, and what features to outlaw. samyr thank you. traslate Gracias, por favo ... Read More »

Quad 405-3 power amplifier weird noises

Hi and thanks for reading this post. Not sure why but my quad 405-3 is making weird noises. When switched on it works ok for the first five minutes then it makes a loud crackling noise for a second, a minute later it crackles again and this is loud, i had the volume low but it nearly blew m ... Read More »

Yamaha RX1100U amplifier

I have an old Yamaha RX1100U receiver and the Amplifier has died. Do you know where I may purchase one from.Read More »

Need help to choose good speakers for my Yamaha-610 II amplifier

Hi, all! I've got an old Yamaha-610 II amplifier and 2 very cheap Toshiba speakers. I'd like to change these speakers, but I'm unable to choose something good. Can you please give me some advice? I was thinking about [FONT=Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Arial, Sans Serif][SIZE=2][COLOR=#333333]Energy Spea ... Read More »


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