Technics SU C3000 Amplifiers

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Product Description

- VGCA (Variable Gain Control Amplifier) satisfies new high fidelity demands of DVD Audio.
- Battery Drive Power Supply keeps AC noise out of the signal path.
- Audiophile quality TA-KEH II electrolytic capacitors.
- Rotary Resistance Type Attenuator for superior sonics.
- R-core transformer helps elininate magnetic flux leakage.
- THCB (Technics Hybrid Construction Base).
- Dual pre-outs for bi-amp connection.
- 6-position input selectors (CD, TAPE 1, TAPE 2, LINE 1, LINE 2, PHONO).
- Tape monitor switch.
- Bypass switch for balance control.
- Battery voltage meter with AC/DC/Charge indication.

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