Sumiko Primare 202 Amplifiers

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Mono power amplifier

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Replacing 12ax7 tubes in Jolida 202

My Jan Phillips 12ax7 tubes went bad on my Jolida 202. First one made what sounded like volume pot noise whenever I changed volume. Then after another month the other channel almost completely died. I wanted to be sure it was the amp ,so I switched the tubes. Instant fizzout from the tube that was a ... Read More »

Analog? So, that means tape decks too? (My Nakamichi RX-202 repair story)

I'm not going to argue the merits of cassettes or anything like that, but I do have fun with a tape deck from time to time, either making mixes for friends or parties or for a few stacks of new cassettes by some less mainstream artists I still pick up from time to time. I've been using a Denon dual ... Read More »

sennheiser HD 202/201

hey guys.. im new here. im looking for a decent pair of headphones for my home studio. its not really a studio, but i record music at home, on my computer, and need something decent to monitor my mix etc. i know the sennheiser HD 202 or 201 arent really studio headphones, but currently i cant afford ... Read More »

Spectro Acoustics 202

Maybe I’m keeping stuff to long (but I sure love my OLD gear), my Spectro Acoustics 202 amp just died. No schematics, no support, what now? Maybe I'll dust off the Dynaco 400 amp and see if still works.Read More »

B&K 202+ Amp

Just purchased a B&K202+ amp. Can anyone tell me where I can find a manual? I have searched high & low without any luck. Thanks, AndyRead More »

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