Nagra PMA Amplifiers

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  • Power Factor Corrector
  • Controlling power
  • Monoblocks architecture

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denon pma-2000r

so i have the denon pma2000r amp and im currently running energy c-500 speakers but i was wondering if i would be able to put a sub in the system ? but i noticed that this model doesnt have a output for a sub but the denon 2000ivr does ? so i was wondering if i would still be able to some how hook o ... Read More »

denon pma 2000ivr

i stumbled across this int.amp while looking throught the local site at first it just looked like a nice amp but was alot of money, so then i started doing some research and realized what it was, this amp is incredible, its had all the things i was looking for like a phono output, 8 ... Read More »

Has anyone heard a Denon PMA-1060?

Hello, all. This is my first post but I have been utilizing this site for years for audio-info and for that I thank all of you. I am considering building a second system, just a fairly basic 2-channel system. This will be a piece-by-piece endeavor that will take some time, but I am looking at a Deno ... Read More »

Denon PMA 500AE Record out problem

Hi guys, been reading this forum for a while and have finally registered to get involved. I was wondering if anyone can help. I'm working on a setup where an input siginal is to be put into a denon pma 500ae which supplys 2 sets of speakers. i'm then wanting to run an output to a denon av rev ... Read More »

2007 PMA Tradeshow Coverage at

Our sister site, is going to have some killer PMA coverage this year, including live daily video updates from the convention! Check it out! [URL=""][B]2007 PMA Discussion >>[/B][/URL] Discuss PMA in the News and Ru ... Read More »


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