Linar Audio 200 Amplifiers

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Output power 250W x 2 Noise -115 db below 250w Harmonic distortion <0.1% 20Hz-20Khz Frequency response 10Hz-80Khz +0-3db Input impedance 53 Kilohms Mass 55 lbs Dimensions 18"x7"x15" (LxHxD)

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Best speakers 200 USD can buy!!!!

For all types of classical music. I'm looking for this type:[h=1]M-Audio - Studiophile 4" Bookshelf Speakers[/h]Read More »

Bookshelf speakers under $200 for home gym

Hello guys/gals, I am in search of a pair of bookshelf speakers to pair with my receiver and sub. I'm looking for a 2.1 setup, as this system will only be used in my home gym. I listen to a wide variety of music including: Rap, hip-hop, new era rock, classic rock, and dubstep. I have ... Read More »

Gorgeous $200 12 watt SET amp

I have no idea how the Chinese can build amps of this quality at such low prices. A guy on AC has this one and is very pleased with it's performance. [url=]Vacuum tube amplifer: Single end EL34B,GDAP-01[/url]Read More »

Sub 200$ DIY need suggestions

Hi guys I've been trying to get a hold of some decent second hand speakers for my close friend here, but the second hand market clearly isn't great. As my parents are currently in the US, i thought I would take advantage of that and order a fairly cheap speaker kit (drivers + xovers, we can make th ... Read More »

Nagaoka MP-200

My Blue Point is at the Pearly Gates (thanks so much JM!!!). I had a big decision to make, and I pulled the trigger on this, a "mid level" Nagaoka. I got an excellent deal, it only had 5 hours of use (long story) and was repacked perfectly. For the use, the price was adjusted to $175. I bo ... Read More »



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