Knoll 6K Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • 12 Channel High Current Amplifier
  • 50 Watts per Channel
  • Voltage trigger
  • Two rack spaces (3-1/2")
  • Dual banana plugs
  • Multi-zone systems

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$1.4K to $1.6K Budget for New Integrated or New Amp/Preamp Combo

Ok, please bear with me... I'm in the very very very slow process of rebuilding my 2 channel setup... so I'm looking for components to audition over the next few weeks/months..... though I was originally considering a Krell KAV400xi or NAD Masters M3, I decided it was best to lower my budget (I'm to ... Read More »

Kexs hits 6K !!! Join the party....

[SIZE="6"]SURPRISE!!!![/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][B][I][U]HAPPY 6000th post Kex![/U][/I][/B][/SIZE] OK, so I started early.... Welcome to your party. Come on in. Have a drink and a burger. CD selections are to the left. DVD selections are to the right. Pick what you like. Main system is right he ... Read More »

$6K Front Projector HT System Recommendations

Am in the process of finishing a basement, parts of which will be used as a kids playroom. The basement has approximately 1200 sq ft of living space, of which 350 will be dedicated to a home theater (though not in a separated room) so the lighting will be an issue at times. With 2 small children ... Read More »


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