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Product Image
HeadRoom Desktop Monoblock Amp Pair 120v
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1599.00
Description: Power, and lots of it, to close the distance between your desktop and concert hall listening. <br /> <br /> The solution to your audiophile desktop listening dilemma: "How do I make my computer sound organic and rich?" Answer: a little reference-grade HeadRoom overkill. Get a pair of our 170 Watt, balanced drive, mono-block amplifiers (one for each speaker), play all your favorite uncompressed music files, and prepare to avoid getting any actual work done. These HeadRoom power amps' discrete channel separation, their fully articulate audio punch and control, coupled with their vast headroom (no pun intended!), will deliver pinpoint-precise holographic soundstage details and organically natural articulation effortlessly. (The synergy between these cool-running HeadRoom Class-D amplifiers and the Finnish-made Amphion Ion speakers we're featuring on our website is especially outstanding.) No longer do audiophiles require a roomful of big heat-spewing gear to create true 'listening room' sound quality on your desktop or workstation; the Desktop Mono-Block Power Amp have got you covered right between the ears, cool as cucumber, at the tips of your fingers.


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