Axiom Speaker Company ADA 1500 Amplifiers

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The ADA-1500 gives you the power you need to create the loudest, cleanest system you can have. No clipping, no overheating, and you never run out of dynamic headroom! The massive analog power supply partners with the Axiom Digital Amplifier to exceed 90% efficiency: compare that to the typical Class A/B design you find in most amplifiers that waste nearly half the output from the amplifier in heat! Think about the numbers: a typical wall plug is capable of producing 1800 watts on a regular 15 amp circuit. The Axiom Digital Amplifier is so efficient, you can easily achieve 1500 watts of total output: approximately double what a Class A/B design can provide. Configurable from 2-8 channels, depending on your needs. 650 watts RMS per channel 4 Ohms

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