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Level Three, 9 watt single-ended Class A no feedback triode mono amplifiers, valve rectified choke power supply, Audio Note copper foil signal capacitors, Beyschlag metal film resistors, standard electrolytic capacitors, in house made I-E core output transformer, 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 2 x 5U4G.

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the quest for a new preamp

I am starting to look at studying preamps in order to add one to my system and still keep the yamaha for video and multi channel setups since I want to have a theater but keep the 2 channel part of it separated. I want a preamp with theater bypass and a tubed unit is really not where I want to go be ... Read More »

Quest for the Two Towers !

I am currently on a mission to help my friend cobble together a budget H/T System. We currently have a Def-Tech Mythos 7 center 2 SpeakerCraft in ceiling Aim 8 surrounds. We are now searching for the perfect towers at a budget price say $500-$600 per pair.His little audio snobbery won't allow him to ... Read More »

AMP for QUEST QB6 Speaker.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and posting my first thread. I have spare Quest QB6 bookshelf speakers which i want to attach with regular pc. I'm sure that I need AMP for it. I don't need anything high end, it is just for day to day PC use. Can anyone suggest what is the cheapest and best hardwa ... Read More »

Older tt quest

I want a good older turntable with a heavy platter, price range $100- 450. I have cruised ebay and read reviews and am considering: a Dual 701 DD, Emt 598, Harman Kardon t35 or higher, and a belt drive Dual 1219 or 1229. For some reason I am not very interested in the newer turntables. Any words of ... Read More »

Quest for a Integrated amp

Hello, I have been searching many months now, and saving, to upgrade from my NADc350. I have it narrowed down between about three amps but can only listen to one of them. They are the Audio refinement complete, Jolida 1501rc, and the Consonance B2000x. If anyone has some comments or stories about ... Read More »


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