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Product Image
TEAC AG-360 2 Channels Receiver
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Description: Around the world, the Teac name is synonymous with high-quality, high performance consumer gear - not surprising when you consider that Teac has been a leader in the industry since its earliest reel-to-reel recorders. Today, Teac manufactures an entire spectrum of components for both high-fidelity audio systems and digitally enhanced home theaters. For many audiophiles, the Teac label is a symbol of pride, one that shows they are serious about audio quality. Industry experts share this enthusiasm for Teac products, giving them consistently high marks for performance. This stereo receiver is designed to be the central component of a home stereo sound system. It delivers 50 watts per channel audio power for distinctly clear stereo sound. Other features include: 5-input selector: Tuner/CD/Tape/Phono/Aux, Quartz PLL Synthesized Tuning System, 24 station presets (AM/FM), Manual/Auto/Preset Tuning, multi-function fluorescent display, front panel headphone output, Bass/Treble/Balance Controls and Loudness Button.


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