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NAD T750 Receiver
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Description: The T750 is NAD's best Pro-Logic receiver - a powerful, versatile surround with sophisticated new circuitry, and with versatility that includes a 5.1 input for connection of DVD players with onboard Dolby Digital decoding. It's a highly sophisticated and effective vehicle both for spectacular movie sound and superb music reproduction. The T750 is an elegant answer to the question: Why Pro-Logic in a digital era? It begins with the recognition that the overwhelming majority of the movies now on the market, both on VHS tapes and laser discs, are in Pro-Logic form. The advanced circuit design of the NAD T750 is centered around the demands of critical listeners who play music sources as well as movies, and want nothing less than the music quality they would get from good stereo equipment. The T750's top-performing Pro Logic decoder uses analog processing to handle Dolby Surround sources. Its playback results are audibly superior to other affordable models that process Pro- Logic in the digital domain. The T 7...


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