Nakamichi CA 1 A/V Preamplifier

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Audio/Video control amplifier incorporating the most advanced 24-bit decoding circuitry for AC3, ProLogic, and dts supported by high-accuracy 20 bit D/A converters in all six channels. Precision, low-coloration level control utilizing the Precision Resistor Array Multi-Channel Attenuator. Multi-zone/Multi source. On screen display for set-up and calibration. 2 remotes. Full complement of preamp outputs.

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Advise for replacing CA-1 please

Hi. Hope someone can give me some good advise. I have had a Nakamichi CA-1 and PA-1 like forever. However, now I really need to connect HDMI and optical digital sources from my Cable box and Computer. (Using Totem speakers) What do you suggest? 1) Replace the preamp: Was looking at the Adcom G ... Read More »


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