Logitech Link Remote Controls

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control up to 8 components,personalized TV programming grid for iPad

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SPDIF- vs- AES/EBU -- A link with a bit of history of the two with technical data

[url=http://www.epanorama.net/documents/audio/spdif.html]epanorama.net/S/PDIF Interface[/url]Read More »

New Link Feature broken

The old way of imbedding a link worked quite well. Once you entered the link, the highlight was on the duplicate URL which ended up as the title for the link. You could easily substitute text that you wanted. After the site changeover, it worked similarly but all the html was highlighted so that ... Read More »

Gallery link under member's name?

This is a feature that we had but it mysteriously disappeared. Other audio forums like AC have it why can't we get it back?Read More »

Here is my cable chain...is there a weak link?

I'm starting to look at maybe upgrading cables in my system. Here is what I'm using on my digital playback side. See if you see a weak spot and what you would upgrade to. CD to DAC--------------Audioquest VDM-3 digital coax cable DAC to Headphome Amp-----ZU Audio Gede RCA cables Headphone Amp t ... Read More »

PS Audio Digital Link III or the DAC in my B&K Ref 50?

Hey all, I have been using my PS Audio Dac for decoding my 2 channel stuff (from there going into my B&K unit's DIRECT input via balanced cables). All sounds great. However, when wanting to play Dolby Digital content from my PC I have been having to pull the coax spdif cable out of the PS uni ... Read More »



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