OmniMount 400-AH Racks & Stands

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OmniMount 400-AH Adjustable 24-45"" 400 Series Speaker Stands with free shipping.

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hello...just refoamed my classic Optimus 400's

Had these in storage and finally got the refoamed kits for the midrange and woofers thru eBay..about $40. Instructions were easy to follow. Impressed with midrange sub enclosure when I opened them up! Hooked up my marantz 2385 and they are so sweet...the highs are crisp and clean...if there is a wea ... Read More »

How to add oil to Realistic LAB-400 tonearm cue ?

The cueing lever lifts the tonearm but when I go to lower it on the song I want it drops really fast. Does anyone know how to add oil to the LAB 400 tonearm cueing mechanism? I already looked at the service manual and it just shows an exploded view of the parts but does not show or tell you how to r ... Read More »

The New Arcam receiver AVR 400

Has anyone got the chance to audition the new Arcam AVR 400? If so, what is your opinion of their sound quality? I heard so many good things about the legendary sound of Arcam. So what is so special about their sound and what differentiates Arcam sound from other sounds? Is The Arcam sound that extr ... Read More »

Yamaha CR-400

Found this little piece on CL. Pretty good shape and my first piece of older Yamaha gear. Who knows where it will go but the price was right........:yesnod:Read More »

Best Quality Sound and "Inexpensive" ($100-400) DAC with highest resolution

Best Quality Sound and "Inexpensive" ($100-400) DAC with highest resolution Hi, I am an A&R Director and a huge FAN of music - all genres. Though I have lots of gear ( Old Marantz. and Bryston - newer Rotel) and a couple of set-ups ( Living room 5.1 Rotel ) .. my main listening is in my office.. ... Read More »


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