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Audioplan PowerStar G
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Description: The star-shaped design of the PowerStar minimizes these differences in potential and establishes a direct reference to the main component in the system, the preamp or the power amp. This represents a decisive advantage in comparison to all conventional power outlet strips. In designing the PowerStar, we also paid attention to minimizing the connection points and resistances. The conductor star of the PowerStar G is therefore soldered with pure silver and then copper-plated. This reduces the number of connection points to three per outlet: power plug to cable, cable to conductor star and conductor star to outlet. <P> <LI>Supply voltage: 230 V ~ <LI>Power rating: 16 A <LI>Output: 7 shock-proof sockets <LI>Design: 3 mm2 pure copper conductor <LI>Housing: Plastic and 1 mm steel fastened with 3 AntiSpike bolts, rubber feet, additional 3x M6 threaded sockets for AntiSpikes <LI>Supply: PowerCord G <LI>Length: 1.35 m, other lengths upon request


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