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Product Image
TEAC AG-H300 2 Channels Receiver
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Description: Every aspect of the TEAC Reference 300 Series components, from their second-to-none audio performance to their classic styling and great looks, replicates the award-winning and critically acclaimed Reference 500 Series....except one. Their size Each component is only 215 mm wide, exactly half the width of standard audio components. This diminutive size allows for a myriad of placement options - stacked side-by-side in a traditional audio rack or armoire, or vertically arranged on a shelf, desk, credenza, nightstand....the possibilities are endless. And not only do these components fit virtually anywhere, they'll enhance and complement any decor from traditional to contemporary.It is true that "good things com in small packages" ....as size is the only diminutive aspect of the Reference 300 Series.


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