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Product Image
Onkyo TX-SV373 Receiver
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Description: Looking for great home theater sound at a great price? Then take a look at the most feature-packed digital-ready receiver in its class - the TX-SV373. With a built-in Dolby Pro Logic decoder, it lets you tap into the multichannel surround sound on thousands of Dolby Surround encoded DVDs and videotapes - plus enjoy the multitude of popular TV shows - dramas, concerts, sports events and more - that are broadcast daily in Dolby Surround Sound. Add in its high-current, low impedance 6-ohm drive capability and discrete output stage circuits for all channels, 5.1 multichannel inputs that let you upgrade to DTS or Dolby Digital, a subwoofer pre out, and Onkyo sound and build quality, and you've got one formidable home-theater receiver.


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