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Product Image
Onkyo TX-DS696 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: This premium quality powerhouse might seem expensive - until you find out what's inside. It's endowed with a host of audiophile-pleasing features not found on many receivers, such as a high-end, equal power amplifier design, heavy-gauge internal wiring and bus bars, a thick copper absolute-ground plate that links the power supply to the output devices to provide extremely low ground impedance and higher instantaneous current capability, and the precision-engineered Optimum Gain Volume circuit that delivers an improved signal-to-noise ratio and better dynamic response. The TX-DS696 also gives you professional-quality component video switching, which, unlike many other component-video switches, has enough bandwidth to handle HDTV and progressive signals without losing image quality. Other rare features are Dolby Pro Logic II for quasi-5.1-channel sound from your stereo music recordings and Dolby Surround-encoded movie soundtracks, composite to S-video conversion to simplify video connection, A-Form to reme...


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