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Product Image
Onkyo TX-DS595 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: The TX-DS595 gives you Onkyo's traditional strengths - sonic excellence, build quality and unparalleled ease of use - plus the latest technological advances and user-interface refinements previously reserved only for the most expensive receivers. Take the Optimum Gain Volume circuit, for example. Its cutting-edge design puts an end to the noise contamination that often plagues conventional volume controls - so your movies and music sound their best at any output level. Another Onkyo high-end refinement, a Non-Scaling Configuration, gives you better bass management while providing DSP with improved clarity, transparency, dynamics, depth and imaging. And critically acclaimed Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) eliminates the adverse effects of counter-electromotive force by applying the optimum minimal amount of NFB (negative feedback). For operation ease, you get Onkyo's exclusive A-Form (Auto-FORMat), which not only senses the signal format - DTS, Dolby Digital, or stereo, for example - but also, unli...


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