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Nakamichi AV-8 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: With built-in decoders for both Dolby Digital and DTS discrete surround sound, Dolby Pro Logic surround decoding, ambience synthesis circuitry, a powerful state-of-the-art amplifier for every channel, refined AM / FM tuner circuitry, and a full complement of digital and analog inputs, the AV- 8 Audio / Video Receiver is the ideal foundation for a truly high-performance home theater system. With the AV-8 you can enjoy the finest multi- channel discrete surround sound reproduction with the latest DVD releases whether they are encoded with Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS (Digital Theater Systems) technology. Advanced 24-bit digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry ensures superior sonic accuracy and exceptionally wide dynamic range. Faithful reproduction is further assured through the use of highly linear D / A (digital-to-analog) converters for all channels. Every aspect of your favorite movie soundtracks - from the subtle details to the high-powered sound effects - are thus reproduced with outstanding realism ...


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