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Marantz SR-780 Receiver
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Description: The Marantz SR-780 Dolby Digital Receiver combines Dolby Digital decoding with Lucasfilm Cinema Re-Eq technology for amazingly realistic home theater Surround Sound. The SR-780 is a powerful, full-featured home theater with a full complement of audio and video inputs, outputs and switching facilities, and is supplied with the newly upgraded RC2000 Mark II Programmable Learning Remote Control. The system delivers 80 watts per channel to each of the three front speakers, with 80 watts per channel to each surround speaker. Lucasfilm Cinema Re-Eq technology precisely adjusts the frequency response of movie soundtracks for home listening room acoustics. The Marantz SR-780 also features on-screen display, AM/FM tuner with station naming function, banana jack-compatible speaker terminals for all five main speakers, and Dolby Digital Night Mode that reduces overall dynamic range for quieter evening listening. The Marantz RC2000 Mark II Programmable Learning Remote Control is a versatile and powerful system remot...


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