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Product Image
Integra DTR-5.2 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: Unlike typical entry-level receivers, the DTR-5.2 is neither typical nor short on features. Besides its handsomely sculpted front panel accented with high-grade aluminum, and its comprehensive remote, the DTR-5.2 offers performance, convenience and construction not found in receivers at even twice the price. The DTR-5.2 shares many of the attributes of its larger brethren, such as Wide Range Amplifier Technology to maximize signal accuracy and deliver instantaneous current, high-purity copper ground plates for better, more precise signal transfer and audiophile grade Fine Gold coupling capacitors to help maintain signal purity. More features include the latest 96kHz/24 bit DACs for all channels to deliver the highest possible fidelity and bandwidth from high-resolution sources, top notch output devices and high-grade extruded aluminum heat sinks to reduce heat and improve unit reliability.


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