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Product Image
Denon AVR-883
0 Reviews
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MSRP  327.00
Description: <ul> <li>Number of Channels: 7.1 (THX EX®, DTS ES®)</li> <li>Surround Decoder: Dolby Digital®, DTS®, DTS ES®</li> <li>Main Speakers Power: 80 x 2 Watts</li> <li>Max Surround Power: 20Hz - 20kHz: Main - 0.08% THD, 80W. Center - 0.08% THD, 80W. Rear - 0.08% THD, 80W. Rear Back - 0.08% THD, 80W.</li> <li>Harmonic Distortion: 0.08%</li> <li>Analog Inputs: 5.1 Channels</li> <li>Rear Audio Inputs: RCA: 7, Coaxial: 1, Optical: 3</li> <li>Rear Video Inputs: Composite: 4, S-Video: 4, Component: 2</li> <li>Rear Audio Outputs: Optical: 1</li> <li>Rear Video Outputs: Composite: 3, S-Video: 3, Component: 1</li> <li>Front A/V Connections: 1 x Headphones, 1 x Optical, 1 x S-Video, 1 x Composite, 1 x Couple RCA Jack</li> <li>Tuner Presets: 40 Channels</li> <li>Tone Controls: Bass & Treble</li> <li>DSP Modes: 5CH/6CH Stereo, Mono Movie, Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Video Game, Matrix, Virtual</li> <li>Included Accessories AM Loop Antenna, FM Indoor Antenna, FM Antenna Adapter, 2 x R6P/AA Batteries, Remote Control (RC-917).</li> <li>Exterior Color Black</li> <li>Remote Control: MultiBrand, Illuminated</li> <li>Dimensions (D x H x W): 16.4" x 6.7" x 17.1"</li> <li>Weight: 25.8 lb</li> </ul>


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