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Product Image
Cambridge Audio Cambridge Audio Azur 540R 6.1 Channels Receiver
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MSRP  775.00
Description: The centrepiece of Cambridge Audios stunning new Azur multi-channel range, the 540R has been designed to deliver outstanding picture and sound quality. Elegantly housed in stylish new casework, with a substantial aluminium front panel and acoustically damped chassis, the 540R affords an impressive array of features and functions. The ergonomic remote control which comes as standard, is perfectly contoured and controls all the features of this AV powerhouse. Compatible with the latest Home Cinema formats, the 540R packs a mighty 80 Watts RMS across each of its six channels. The FM/MW tuner offers the convenience of 40 station presets and RDS functionality. The 540R features a host of inputs and outputs to provide flexible connectivity and set-up. A full range of video switching options are also fitted, allowing the amplifier to act as a hub unit for composite S-VHS and component video sources and enabling simultaneous picture and sound control. Its time to say goodbye to yesterdays AV system and hear how the A


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