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B&K Components  B&K AVR-305 7.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: The Ultimate Home Theater Receiver! The B & K AVR305 Home Theater Receiver provides a level of sophistication and ease of use that is simply unparalleled. The AVR305 delivers today's cutting edge technologies and performance all at the touch of a button. Dolby Digital ® , THX ® , DTS ® , 6.1 Surround, 7.1 Surround, Surround EX ® , and many more music and movie formats are all delivered to you by the B & K AVR305. Combining ultra high grade digital circuits with processing using DigitalDNA technology from Motorola (56362- DSP ® ), the AVR305 delivers an unprecedented level of performance to your system. State-of-the-art today and upgradable tomorrow!


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