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Product Image
Parasound Halo C2 Controller
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Description: C 2 Features: <BR><BR> Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, and Dolby Pro Logic II surround<BR> THX Ultra2 Certified with THX Surround EX<BR> 7.5 Channel Enhanced Surround; 7.1 with 4 programmable outputs<BR> Additional DSP modes include Surround Music and Party<BR> Patented hybrid bass management prevents time smearing<BR> Automatic digital audio and video input selection<BR> Nine balanced outputs, two balanced inputs with XLR connectors<BR> Four audio only inputs plus a tape monitor/external processor loop<BR> Eight digital inputs; two digital outputs<BR> 7.1 analog input with pure analog path, bypasses DSP<BR> Six audio/video inputs with composite and S-Video connectors<BR> 3 composite video and 3 S-Video outputs: OSD, no OSD, record<BR> 2 assignable component/RGB video inputs with separate H and V Sync<BR> 1 component/RGB video output with separate H and V Sync<BR> BNC to RCA adapters are included for component video jacks<BR> Component inputs/output pass 1080i and 720p signals flawlessly<BR>


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