Editor's Choice Best MP3 Players

We've Pulled Together the Best MP3 Players for Your Dollar. Why read five different reviews at eight different sites? What we've done is scavenged the web of editors top picks, from CNET to ZDNet and given you a one stop web review experience. Quick Top Pick: Apple iPod Nano 8GB Insignia Pil ...    Read More »

Popular Blu-Ray Players Reviews and Hot Price Deals

How to Choose a Blu-ray Player: Sony PlayStation 3 Everything Else Pros - Best value for a Blu-ray/DVD player as well as a gaming console and streaming content Cons - Lack of analog multichannel outputs or IR receptors Pros - Can have analog multichannel outputs and IR receptors and support ...    Read More »

Top 5 User Searched Flat Panel TVs on AudioReview.com

Top 5 Searched Flat Panel TVs on AudioReview.com from 12/8-12/14 1) AOC L42H861 42 in. LCD TV 0 reviews 0 of 5 MSRP: $ 700.00 0 Reviews 0 Quick Ratings 0.00 of 5 Description: The Envision L42H861 42" LCD HDTV Display is designed with all the technol ...    Read More »

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Plugging iPhone 4 into Insignia 200w 2.0 receiver

Hello all, Recently, I have been putting together a 2.0 system for my home gym. I tried plugging in my iPhone 4 to the reciever, using Belkin AV cables, it sounded really bad, and I was unable to listen to my music. Fm radio and CD player work fine. So my question is, how do I ... Read More »

Looking for the perfect DAP? Insignia Pilot may be it..

Not a commercial. I don't work for or profit from Insignia or Best Buy. I don't even like Best Buy. I always feel like I'm walking into a used car dealership when I go in one on rare occasions. I thought I'd pass on my latest find. I've been using Rio Carbons for about three years. Until now, I have ... Read More »

Insignia redesign

After listening to all the noise about these speakers I finally went and got a pair. Not bad looking. Cabinet a little on the light side. Impressive gloss baffle bezel. Banana terminals looked better than the Lsi9's I had. Played them for about 2 hours and agreed that for $21/ ea. they are ... Read More »

Insignia KEF knock-off's on sale today..

$39.99/pair at Best Buy. For 40 bucks the best near-field monitors on the planet. They're also a good inttrduction to how good the real thing is - KEF. They don't come close in audio quality but they're a good introduction to how good a coax design can be in bringing coherency and smoothness to play ... Read More »

Found a home for the Insignia's..

I bought a pair of the infamous Insignias recently for less than 40 bucks including tax. I tried them out in a couple places around the house. I compared them directly with a pair of Paradigm Atoms, Legacy Studio-i's and Classics just for grins. In larger rooms they sound overly warm, especially com ... Read More »

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