Add a Product to the AudioReview Database!

Now YOU can add products the product database! Know of a great product that you want to see reviewed? Now you can add it yourself and review it immediately! No more posting requests or waiting for our database to be updated. It's simple!

Here's the data you'll need to add a product:

Required Data:

  • Manufacturer
  • Type of Product (receiver, dvd player, bookshelf speaker, etc)
  • Product Name
  • Brief Description

Optional Data:
This data is not required, but is highly recommended. It will make for a much more useful product entry:

  • Price
  • Photo
  • Web Address (manufacturer's product page)
  • UPC (Universal Product Code)*
  • MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)*

*For manufacturers adding their own products.

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Once you've added a product, you will immediately be able to write a review. They product and your review, however, will not be live immediately. We will verify all products added for quality before they go live. They should be approved within 24 hours.