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 B20 (4 GB) Digital Media Player
ou can easily access different services through the revolutionary iriver Direct-Click SystemTM or create your individual user interface. While playing a song the album information is shown on the display and you can actually play music up to 27 hours.
 clix Rhapsody™ (4 GB) Digital Media Player
The re-designed iriver clix gen 2 plays music, video, photos and more. Freshly updated with a sleek design, vibrant 2.2” AMOLED screen. The clix Rhapsody has been specially tuned to work with Rhapsody To Go so millions of songs are available to you.
 E150 (4 GB) MP3 Player
The iRiver E150 produces a Sound that is even closer to the original source by supporting MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG codecs as well as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) codec. Moreover, it supports SRS WOW HD so you can experience a rich range of sound.
 E30 (4 GB) Digital Media Player
Budget-friendly, yet providing all the basics, the iRiver E30 MP3 Player is a great option for those looking for portable entertainment without extraneous bells and whistles.
 Lplayer 2 GB Pink Digital Media Player
The iriver L-PLAYER is an ingeniously conceived and designed multimedia player consisting of little more than a high resolution display with not a button or knob in sight.
 Spinn (4 GB) Digital Media Player
Build play lists just by dragging and dropping songs on the screen, tune in to your favorite FM station with the built-in tuner, share photos, and more.
 U15 (8 GB) Digital Media Player
The D*Click interface has been developed by iRiver over several years to offer the simplicity of control. Combining the tactility and response of physical buttons with a re-configurable interface.

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